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13 Greatest Container Home Builders USA

by | Feb 6, 2023 | Tiny Houses | 0 comments

Are you looking for container home builders in the USA?

Finding affordable living solutions can be challenging, especially ones that feel like home!

With over a decade of experience living in tiny and alternative spaces, I’m here to help guide you through the best container home solutions.

From studio home containers to multi-level family homes, containers are a great modular building block.

Let’s dive in and look at some container homes with efficient layouts and gorgeous designs!

1: Container Homes USA

Image Credit: Container Homes USA

Container home builder: Container Homes USA

Location: Ohio

Price range: $42,400 – $350,400 USD

Size range: 160 – 960 sq ft


Container Homes USA is an Ohio-based container home builders firm that produces high-quality modular buildings.

Working closely with their customers, they create fully customized homes and DIY options.

You can also buy a sauna or steam room to go alongside your container house. 

Homes they sell: 

  • Studio 160 sq ft = $42,400 – $58,400 USD
  • 2-bed 1-bath home 640 sq ft = $169,600 – $233,600 USD 
  • 3-bed 2-bath home 960 sq ft = $254,500 – $350,400 USD

2: Bob’s Containers

Image Credit: Bob’s Containers

Container home builder: Bob’s Containers

Location: Austin, Texas

Price range: $26,373 – $207,222 USD

Sizes: 160 – 655 sq ft


Bob’s Containers are pros at building containerized homes, dorms, and offices

They sell bespoke completed homes and DIY build kits

Renowned for their quality, they’ve worked with Netflix, Honeywell, and Harvard University.

Homes they sell: 

  • 20ft 160 sq ft DIY kit = $26,372 USD
  • 40ft 320 sq ft DIY kit = $37,818 USD
  • 20ft container 160 sq ft = $39,196 – $49,715 USD
  • 40ft container 320 sq ft = $53,312 – $134,325 USD
  • Multi-unit 655 sq ft = $80,223 – $207,222 USD

3: Snap Space Solutions

Container home builder: Snap Space Solutions

Location: Maine

Price range: $64,900 – $179,900 USD

Sizes: 320 – 960 sq ft


Snap Space solutions have been around since 2003. They specialize in building modular spaces using steel shipping units.

As well as residential units, they also build disaster relief units and commercial kitchens.

Their focus is on building eco-friendly solutions in a short amount of time.

Homes they sell: 

  • 320 sq ft unit with 1-bath = $64,900 USD
  • 640 sq ft unit with 2-beds and 1-bath = $124,900 USD
  • 960 sq ft unit with 3-beds and 2-baths = $179,900 USD

4: Containers in Motion

Image Credit: Containers in Motion

Container home builder: Containers in Motion

Location: Boca Raton, Florida

Price range: $15,595 – $61,795 USD

Sizes: 160 – 480 sq ft


Containers in Motion build high-quality and low-priced container homes.

They build homes from tiny homes to spacious family units by capitalizing on the versatility of shipping containers.

Their stand-out option is the “home in a dome,” consisting of a shipping container home placed inside a geodesic dome.

Homes they sell:

  • Family unit 160 sq ft = $15,595 USD
  • Back view unit 320 sq ft = $29,995 USD
  • Expandable home 160 closed 320 open sq ft = $31,995 USD
  • Home in a dome 160 sq ft container + 1521 sq ft dome = $41,000 USD
  • 2-bedroom home 480 sq ft = $61,795 USD

5: Alternative Living Spaces

Image Credit: Alternative Living Spaces

Container home builder: Alternative Living Spaces

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Price range: $35,900 – $108,000 USD

Sizes: 160 – 320 sq ft


Alternative Living Spaces are experts in quirky living spaces, including custom container homes, A-frames, and campervans. 

They’re constantly working to provide customers with homes built to the highest standard.

For lower budgets, they also sell DIY courses and kits.

Homes they sell:

  • Eco 160 sq ft = $35,900 USD
  • Eco 320 sq ft = $49,900 USD
  • Luxe 160 sq ft = $48,000 – $75,000 USD
  • Luxe 240 sq ft = $71,000 – $96,000 USD
  • Luxe 320 sq ft = $82,000 – $108.000 USD

6: Steel Blox

Image Credit: Steel Blox

Container home builder: Steel Blox

Location: California

Price range: $162,000 – $576,000 USD

Sizes: 540 – 1920 sq ft


Steelblox designs modern living spaces that utilize the versatility of container homes. 

The founders have over 50 years of combined experience and are responsible for projects totaling over $100 million USD.

Their focus is real people, real purpose, real products, and real production!

Homes they sell:

  • 1-bed and 1-bath 540 sq ft = $162,000 USD
  • 2-bed and 1-bath 1120 sq ft = $336,000 USD
  • 3-bed and 2-bath 1920 sq ft = $576,000 USD

7: CW Dwellings

Image Credit: CW Dwellings

Container home builder: CW Dwellings

Location: Pennsylvania

Price range: $40,000 – $130,000 USD

Sizes: 160 – 640 sq ft


CW dwellings are a container home building company creating affordable homes without sacrificing style.

As well as residential containers, they also build bunk rooms.

The interior of their container homes are warm and inviting, utilizing a lot of wood and natural light.

Homes they sell:

  • Basic 20ft container home 160 sq ft = $40,000 USD
  • Plus 20ft container home 160 sq ft = $50,000 USD
  • Basic 40ft container x 2 home 640 sq ft = $110,000 USD
  • Plus 40ft container x 2 home 640 sq ft = $130,000 USD

8: Backcountry Containers

Image Credit: Backcountry Containers

Container home builder: Backcountry Containers

Location: Texas and Wisconsin

Price range: $49,000 – $90,000 USD

Sizes: 160 – 320 sq ft


Founded by Jon Meier – a former aeronautical engineer – Backcountry Containers have been a hit since their launch.

Their homes quickly became sought after, leading to the company expanding from just Jon to a large family affair.

You can watch Jon, his wife Kristen, and the whole family working alongside one another on their 6-part tv show Containables.

Homes they sell:

  • The Rockne office 20ft container 160 sq ft = $49,000 USD
  • The Ezra 20ft container 160 sq ft = $63,000 USD
  • The Kennedy 40ft container 320 sq ft = $90,000 USD

9: Off Grid Dwellings

Container home builder: Off Grid Dwellings

Location: Florida

Price range: $36,995 – $89,995 USD

Sizes: 160 – 320 sq ft


Off Grid Dwellings are not only expert container home builders but experts in just about every kind of off-grid living solution.

They build shipping containers, tiny homes, domes, and even yurts for full-time living. 

They build all of their container homes in the USA. Off Grid Dwellings are happy to have people swing by their workshop in Florida to see the homes in person before making a purchase.

Homes they sell:

  • Sugarloaf 20’ base 160 sq ft = $36,995 USD
  • Sugarloaf 20’ upgraded 160 sq ft = $42,495 USD
  • Haleakala 20’ 160 sq ft = $52,995 USD
  • Kings Peak 40’ base 320 sq ft = $77.995 USD
  • Kings Peak 40’ upgraded 320 sq ft = $89.995 USD

10: Honomobo

Image Credit: Honomobo

Container home builder: Honomobo

Location: Alberta, Canada

Price range: $216,150 – $417,319 USD

Sizes: 640 – 1600 sq ft


Honomobo are Canadian container home builders.

Their vision is to create modern, beautiful, and modular homes. They practice what they preach, and every decision stays true to these pillars.

When building homes, they pride themselves on low waste and energy-efficient production.

Homes they sell:

  • HO2 2-bed and 1-bath 640 sq ft = $216,150 USD
  • HO3 2-bed and 2-bath 960 sq ft = $267,249 USD
  • HO4 3-bed and 2-bath 1280 sq ft = $348,222 USD
  • HO5 3-bed and 2.5-bath 1600 sq ft = $417,319 USD

11: Blok Studio

Image Credit: Blok Studio

Container home builder: Blok Studio

Location: California

Price range: $55,000 – $120,000 USD

Sizes: 160 – 640 sq ft


Blok Studio is run by a team of design, build, and business professionals.

They build safe, durable, and sustainable container home solutions.

Building modular homes with speed and quality is what they pride themselves on.

Homes they sell:

  • BLOK 20 160 sq ft = $55.000 USD
  • BLOK 40 320 sq ft = $79,000 USD
  • BLOK 220 640 sq ft = $85,000 USD
  • BLOK 240 640 sq ft = $120,000 USD

12: Meka Modular

Image Credit: Meka Modular

Container home builder: Meka Modular

Location: California

Price range: $59,200 – $338,000 USD 

Sizes: 160 – 1600 sq ft


Meka Modular is a California-based container home builder renowned for their high-quality and fast turnaround. 

Their work has caught the attention of the Wall Street Journal, Tree Hugger, Dwell, and HGTV.

With a vast range of container homes that not only meet but often exceed local building codes!

Homes they sell:

  • Liberty 1-bed and 1-bath 160 sq ft = $59,200
  • ALP 320 studio and 1-bath 320 sq ft = $88,900 USD
  • SOL 480 1-bed and 1-bath 480 sq ft = $114,000 USD
  • HELA 1280 2-bed and 2-bath 1280 sq ft = $256,000 USD
  • Sonoma 1600 3-bed and 2-bath 1600 sq ft = $338,000 USD

13: Kubed Living

Image Credit: Kubed Living

Container home builder: Kubed Living

Location: California

Price range: $110,000 – $284,000 USD

Sizes: 240 – 960 sq ft


The Kubed Living team work to promote sustainable and healthy living. 

They build innovative modular living spaces using shipping containers with pre-designed and fully customizable options.

Kubed Living work on residential, commercial, and backyard structures.

Homes they sell:

  • The K240 240 sq ft studio = $110,000
  • The K480 480 sq ft 2-bed and 2-bath = $174,000
  • The K800 800 sq ft 2-bed and 2-bath = $242,000
  • The K960 960 sq ft 3-bed and 2-bath = $284,000

Wrap Up: Best Container Home Builders

Container homes can provide a cost-effective living solution that gets you out of the rent trap.

Alternative living can be a life-long lifestyle or an effective short-term tool to save money.

Moving into a container home has more to offer than financial savings.

Container living will encourage you to live a more conscious lifestyle, and with limited space can help you break that consumer culture habit!

If you’re up for the adventure of living tiny, then a container home could be the solution you’ve been looking for.

Keep Living Tiny xx


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