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5 Surprising Reasons to Live in a Tiny House!

by | Jan 1, 2023 | Popular, Tiny Houses | 0 comments

With Tiny Living becoming more and more popular, what’s the secret behind this quirky lifestyle? And what are the benefits that are seeing more and more people flock to living in a tiny home?

Today, we’re going to take a look at the top five reasons that inspire many people to choose a tiny home.

1. Utter Coziness

Imagine snuggling up on the couch with a mug of hot chocolate and looking out of your window to a scene of breathtaking natural beauty. 

Living in a tiny home in Scandinavia makes for an especially breathtaking experience.

Whether your Tiny House is sat by the Fjords in Norway, in the Forest in Sweden, or by the beach in Denmark.

There’s something about this compact living style that feels like a great big daily hug. 

2. Focus on Experiences Rather Than Things

reasons to live in a tiny house

It’s easy to get caught up in consumer culture. But when you’re living tiny – your mindset does tend to naturally shift to experiences rather than things.

When you’re living in such a small space, buying something that’s not absolutely necessary will soon start to feel silly.

Not to mention, you’ll quickly get sick of things taking up precious space in your home when you never even use them!

A tiny home automatically makes you prioritize experiences over “things.”

And the money you save from buying unnecessary items is far better spent on traveling around the world.

3. Lower Cost of Living

Many people spend a good chunk of their paycheque on rent and housing-associated costs each month.

When combined with a fast-paced career – it can mean working to pay for a home that they rarely have the time to enjoy.

But it’s not just rent costs that can decrease by moving into a Tiny House on wheels; you can also save on:


Even though most tiny houses tend to have full-sized refrigerators, the pantry space does tend to shrink. And with that, you have to be far more considerate when doing your weekly shop.

This dramatically helps to curb food waste which is not only great for your bank balance, but for the environment too!


Downsizing from a 200 square meter home to a 22 square meter home has one distinct benefit.

You’re no longer paying for heating and lighting all of that space.

When let’s be honest; you probably only spend a meaningful amount of time in the Living Room!


When you’re working in a busy job and trying to find time to head to the gym, get errands done, and see friends. It can be easy to let cooking fall by the wayside and rely on takeout more than you’d like to admit. 

One of those “It’s a blessing and a curse” aspects of tiny living – have you ever tried to order takeout to a tiny house on wheels in the middle of the countryside?

Sure, it’s doable – but more often than not, you decide it’s not worth the hassle and cook up those veggies instead.

4. Greater Ability to Save Money

In today’s economic climate, more and more people live paycheque to paycheque, with very little in the way of savings. 

With tiny living, you’re able to take charge of your future and save more than you’ve ever been able to save before. With many living in tiny homes able to save a few thousand euros each month comfortably. 

In a future article, we’ll talk with tiny house aficionados across Scandinavia, mainland Europe, and the US. And share some examples of just how much you can save when going tiny!

5. Environmentally Sustainable

There’s so much waste and overconsumption nowadays, and it’s important that we do our part to make environmentally conscious lifestyles the norm.

With tiny homes, it’s easier to say no to the excessive plastic packaging in supermarkets. And to not buy random and unnecessary items in the first place.

Final Thoughts

Tiny living isn’t for everyone.

It’s a personal choice that we each get to make.

I hope that this article has opened your eyes to the fact that downsizing your home can, in fact, upgrade your quality of life!

I know it has for me!

Keep Living Tiny xx



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