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Check Out The Cutest Tiny Cottage in Norway

by | Dec 15, 2022 | Must Read, Popular, Tiny Houses | 0 comments

Whether you live in the land of the fjords or are dreaming of moving here – you don’t want to miss out on this absolute gem that has recently become available on the rental market. 

Less than an hour and a half from the country’s capital of Oslo, and within minutes of the Oslo fjord – sits this dreamy, detached cottage complete with white picket fencing!

Entering The Home

Norwegian Cottage Porch.

Step under the covered porch and into the entryway, which sets the tone for the rest of the house

The Entryway

Entranceway in a Norwegian cottage.

Painted in a light and welcoming hue of yellow, you’re immediately greeted by storage galore – with enough room for the coats and hats of an entire family.

Living Room

Small combined living and dining room with wood-fired stove.

One of the smartest open-plan living room designs we’ve seen, with a central wood-burning stove that creates a nice divide in the room and heaps of coziness. 

With windows galore to coax in a sumptuous amount of natural light, room for a dining area, and a cozy zone with a large wrap-around couch. 


Small retro kitchen.

This kitchen will make you want to make freshly baked bread and throw tea parties. This kitchen isn’t retro – it’s truly vintage and makes my environmentally-conscious heart skip a beat. 

Too many people tend to replace older items that work perfectly well, but the decorative geniuses who turned this house into a home were smarter than that! 


Tiny bathroom with tiled walls and floor.

A small hallway leads to the small but perfectly formed bathroom, complete with tiled walls and floor.

Hallway to Bedrooms

Tiny house steep staircase

Make your way up the medium-steep staircase, and you’ll find the two generously sized bedrooms; as with most tiny homes, there’s a design quirk here and there, and for this home – that rings true for the bedroom layout. 

Bedroom One

Making use of all available space has meant that to get to the master bedroom, you must walk through the other bedroom – but for families with children, this could be considered a handy feature to easily check on the kiddos before you make your way to bed.

Master Bedroom

The first bedroom has space for two single beds, and the master bedroom has room for a large bed with storage space on either side.

The Garden

Norwegian tiny house back porch deck area.

Outside, the wooden deck is the perfect spot to catch some sun or grill up a storm in the summer!

Final Thoughts

And this well-appointed home could be all yours for just 9500 NOK per month ($975), not bad for a dreamy tiny house on the edge of the fjord! Head to the property listing to find out more –

Keep Living Tiny xx




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