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Great Tiny House Airbnb by the Fjord of Norway

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Paulin Voss, an esteemed musician, design whiz, and tiny home Airbnb owner, is clearly a lady of many talents!

Her beautiful tiny house rental is nestled in a quiet corner of her own garden. Perched on the banks of the Oslo fjord in the small town of Drøbak, southern Norway.

In a league of its own, Paulin’s tiny home recently played host to visitors all the way from New York, but these weren’t simply holidaymakers.

Oh no, her home caught the attention of Airbnb themselves, and they paid a visit to photograph this tiny fjord-side retreat and feature it in the current issue of Airbnb magazine!

I wonder if, in 2017, when the project first began, Paulin could have imagined that her tiny home would be known across the globe for its sublime design?!

Location, location, location!

As soon as we arrived at Paulin’s tiny home, we were met with the most sublime scenery. With views over the fjord as far as the eye can see, the kind of scenery that instantly makes you breathe a sigh of deep relaxation.

This tiny home boasts the perfect location, tucked into a quiet corner of Paulin’s garden with plenty of privacy from the main house.

Only two minutes from the nearest sandy beach and within walking distance of the center of town with restaurants and stores galore.

Design Details

Tiny house entrance in Drøbak, Norway.

The outside of the home boasts a cozy Californian beach house vibe, with bright white wooden exterior walls and large windows to tempt in the beaming sunshine.

Wandering into the tiny house, as with many tiny homes, it felt larger from the inside.

The living room offered plenty of space for a couch and a wooden coffee table, not to mention; the ceiling is even tall enough for a chandelier!

Form and Function

Tiny house living room.

While the home doesn’t have a full kitchen, it does have a small kitchenette with coffee-making facilities and a stunning Moroccan stone sink – in fact, the sink is used as the kitchenette and bathroom sink, a smart design decision when working with a small space!

A Tiny Bathroom

The indoor bathroom features the easy-to-use Cinderella incinerating toilet; you simply pop a bag into the bowl, do your business, and then close the lid before you press the flush button – that’s it, easy – and no water is required!

Bedroom Options

Tiny home loft bedroom with window.

Now you may be wondering where the bedroom is hiding; look up! This tiny home has a snug and cozy loft bedroom with a queen-sized bed with room on either side for bedtime reading material.

But if climbing up a ladder isn’t your cup of tea, the couch also folds out to become a bed – Paulin tells us that guests with mobility issues often prefer to have the lower-level bed made up instead.

Bathing Under the Stars!

Outdoor bathtub in a tiny house garden in Norway.

While the inside of the house is the perfect blend of light colors and natural materials, the outside is where the wow factor can be found.

Have you ever dreamed of taking a wood-fired bath in the great outdoors of Norway, overlooking the fjord below with the sailboats meandering peacefully along?! If not, it’s time to add it to your bucket list! 

The outdoor bathtub is quite simply awe-inducing, taking anyone’s vacation from nice to knock your socks off! 

But if you’re not a fan of bathing or prefer to do so naturally in the fjord, there’s also a beautiful bronze outdoor heated shower at your disposal!

Final Thoughts

As we explored the home, Paulin told us how the tiny home came to be, with the build taking four months from beginning to end and Paulin herself taking a hands-on approach and putting in much of the work. 

She admitted that she didn’t dare take on the floor tiles and cleverly brought in outside help in those more finicky construction areas! 

And all I can say about this cute little home is, wow, it was worth every ounce of effort.

This tiny home, while designed for vacation use and not as a full-time dwelling, gives off that feeling of home that we’re all aiming for in our tiny homes, and a great big well done to Paulin for creating such a remarkable space, and thanks again for showing us around!

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