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How to Get a Tiny House in Denmark 

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Are you trying to figure out how to get a tiny house in Denmark?

If you’re looking to live more affordably and would love a hygge tiny home. 

But don’t know how to navigate the complicated world of tiny homes in Scandinavia. I’ve been there!

For over a decade, I’ve lived in tiny dwellings in Scandinavia. So I know exactly how to navigate tiny living in the Nordics.

Let’s get started and run through everything tiny living!

What is a Tiny Home on Wheels?  

Airstream driving on road

A tiny home on wheels (THOW) is a small house built on a trailer base.

They offer the same flexibility as an RV or campervan but with more of the conveniences of a permanent home.

Tiny homes In Denmark are usually between 15 and 30 sq meters.

Tiny homes on wheels are a great way to live sustainably. Constructed from repurposed materials, they also use less energy to heat and cool than traditional homes.

Living small is also a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, allowing you to focus on what matters most in your life.

Plus, they can help you save money in the long run by eliminating mortgage payments or rent costs.

Can You Rent a Tiny House in Denmark?

It’s possible to rent a tiny house in Denmark!

The best way to search for rental tiny houses in Denmark is to use the online marketplace Search terms like Tiny House, mini hus, gæstehus, or Beboelsesvogn are sure to turn up some great results.

Tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular with Danes and expats in Denmark. 

More and more tiny houses are popping up around cities with tiny houses in Copenhagen, Aarhus, and Odense.

You can also look for rentals in more rural areas or on one of the islands of Denmark.

Renting a tiny home is an excellent way to try before you buy if you’re considering investing in one yourself! They offer a unique experience that traditional homes can’t match.

So if you’re looking for a sustainable and affordable housing option in Denmark, renting a tiny home is the way to go!

Can You Get a Tiny House Mortgage in Denmark?

Yes, you can get a mortgage for a tiny house in Denmark!

Fælleskassen is one of the leading banks offering mortgages specifically for tiny homes.

You may also want to look into Nordea and Jyske bank as well.

Before applying for any loan or mortgage, take your time and research to make sure you’re making the best financial decision for your lifestyle.

Your credit score, down payment, and assets will play a large role in determining whether you qualify for a loan or mortgage.

Where can I buy a tiny house in Denmark?

Looking for a Scandinavian tiny house for sale? Check out some tiny home builders based in Denmark.  

Simply Boheme, småBYG, AddARoom, Tiny House Living, MikroHus, and MobilHouse are some of the best-known.

For those looking for something second-hand, Den Blå Avis is the perfect place to find a tiny house, and the four search terms you should use are  “Mikrohus, Gæstehus, Beboelsesvogn,” and “Tiny House.”

No matter where you decide to buy, be sure that your tiny house on wheels meets all of the requirements in your country or region.

How much do custom tiny houses cost to buy in Denmark?

When you want to buy a custom tiny home, you’re likely wondering: how much does it cost to own a house in Denmark?

The average price ranges from 148,000 DKK to 1,115,000 DKK.

Just like in Norway or Sweden, the amount of money you’ll pay for your tiny house depends on the materials used, how many rooms/amenities it has, and how much experience the builder has.

You can save money by buying your tiny house as a shell, which means the outside construction is complete, but it’s up to you to finish the interior.

Can I build a tiny house in Denmark?

Yes, you can build a tiny house in Denmark.

Just be aware of the Danish climate: it’s usually rainy and very windy due to the country being so flat. So make sure you use materials suitable for damp weather and plenty of wind.

You’ll want to research local building laws and regulations before building your tiny home in Denmark.

It’s also a good idea to look into customizing your tiny house to fit the Danish culture and lifestyle, like adding extra insulation and double-glazing windows for those chilly winters.

Do you need to own land to get a tiny home in Denmark?

Not necessarily, but you should be aware that the land is zoned in Denmark for specific purposes. 

As tiny homes on wheels are considered vehicles – not buildings – this likely doesn’t apply.

So if you want to build a tiny home on wheels in Denmark, you don’t need to own land. All you need to do is research local laws and regulations and find a plot to rent.

Do you want to rent land in Scandinavia for your tiny house? I’ve got the perfect solution! My comprehensive, easy-to-follow tiny house plot-finding guide will show you exactly how to find that dream location — it’s much simpler than you’d expect.

And don’t forget to check out our friends at Thriving Willow, who document their journey living a tiny life in Denmark!

Is a tiny house cheaper than a regular house?

Living in a tiny house can be incredibly financially beneficial!

After relocating from a standard-sized home to an itty-bitty tiny house, we now spend two-thirds less on rent and utilities monthly!

We save a ton of time on cleaning – and time is money, so that’s been great.

Don’t be fooled: tiny homes don’t come cheap. They’re often more expensive per square foot than traditional houses.

So, do you spend $300,000 on 500 sq ft of space you’ll barely use? Or pay $100,000 for 100 sq ft of space you’ll use daily?

You’ll also spend less on utilities like electricity and water, but remember that it doesn’t gain value like a traditional house.

What are the laws for living in a tiny house in Denmark?

Denmark has some of the strictest building regulations, but as tiny homes on wheels are officially vehicles, they don’t necessarily fall under these rules. 

With no tiny-house-specific laws available, it’s challenging. 

Many living in tiny homes on wheels in Denmark try to live responsibly yet subtly, as there aren’t clear-cut guidelines to follow. 

In many countries, Tiny living doesn’t have laws and rules to make it easy.

The best thing that tiny home owners and enthusiasts can do is to educate and spread awareness about this sustainable way of life.

Being proactive in local government will also help immensely. Ultimately, the more awareness we create about this way of life, the better!

What if I buy a tiny house in Denmark and hate it?

If you’re hesitant about taking the plunge and investing in a tiny house, that’s understandable. After all, it may not be everyone’s dream home.

But before making such a big commitment, why not test-drive this lifestyle?

Booking an overnight stay at a tiny vacation home is an ideal way to try out life in minimalistic living without committing right away!

If you find that tiny home living is not the life for you, don’t worry – selling your tiny house is always an option.

If you’d prefer to do something other than parting with it, why not rent out your abode as a long-term rental or use it as a short-term Airbnb to make some additional income?


1. Are tiny houses legal in Europe

Yes, tiny houses are legal in many parts of Europe. However, the laws vary by country and even area within the country. 

2. How much deposit do I need for a tiny house?

The amount of deposit required for a tiny house will depend on your lender and the size of the loan you take out. Generally, it’s 20% of the home’s total cost without any collateral.

3. Can I get a mortgage for a tiny house in Denmark?

Yes, many lenders offer mortgages specifically designed for tiny homes!

4. Is it cheaper to buy or build a tiny house

If you have the time and skills to build a tiny house, it can be much cheaper than buying one already made. If you’re working full-time or don’t have the necessary skills, buying a tiny home ready to live in may be better.

Wrap Up: How to get a tiny house in Denmark

If you want a tiny house in Denmark, I hope you feel ready to realize that dream.

However, by educating and spreading awareness about this sustainable way of life, we can make small but impactful steps towards having more clarity when living in a tiny home.

Test-driving this lifestyle by booking an overnight stay is a good idea, and if you find that tiny living isn’t for you. Selling or renting out your home is always an option.

Keep Living Tiny xx



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