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How to Get a Tiny House in Finland

by | Mar 7, 2023 | Popular, Tiny Houses | 0 comments

Are you wondering how to get a tiny house in Finland?

If you’ve been dreaming of living in a tiny home in the beautiful Finnish countryside. But you have no idea how to navigate tiny living in the Nordics. I know exactly how you feel!

I’m a full-time tiny house dweller based in the Nordics, and I’m here to share my experience and insights on this wonderful way of life.

Let’s get started and talk tiny houses!

What is a Tiny Home in Finland?

In Finland, tiny homes have been gaining popularity as more people become conscious of environmental sustainability. And as they look for more affordable alternatives to traditional housing.

They’re usually between 15 and 30 sq meters and built on a trailer base.

The interior of a tiny home typically consists of a living area, kitchen, and bathroom on the lower level. And a sleeping area on the loft level.

Many tiny house dwellers in the Nordics – including myself – add decks and porches to extend their living space during the warmer months.

Finland is known for its stunning landscapes and wilderness, making it a great place for tiny homes in rural, off-grid areas.

Where can I buy a tiny house in Finland?

If you’re looking for the perfect tiny home in Finland, look no further than or 

These companies have a good range of tiny house models. Many are designed and built locally in Finland.

Second-hand options are also available on, and if you’re willing to look further afield, Estonia is an excellent option for buying a tiny house and saving some money!

No matter which way you go, make sure your tiny house meets your region’s building laws before signing any contracts.

How much does a small custom-built house cost to buy in Finland?

The average price for a tiny custom-built house in Finland is between 44,900 Euros and 157,000 Euros.

Like in other European countries, the price you’ll pay for your tiny house depends on the materials used, how many rooms/amenities it has, and how much experience the builder has.

You can save money by buying your tiny house as a shell, which means the outside construction will be complete, but it’s up to you to finish the interior.

If you’re on a budget, consider shopping for your tiny home in Estonia – it’s usually a bit cheaper to buy from there, but still high quality!

Tiny Houses From Mini House 


The Luonnonpuu model is a modern wooden home with a truly Nordic design.

The outside height at the tallest point is approximately 5 meters, making it an easy addition to a garden or an unused piece of land.

This 37.8 m2 tiny house has around 30 m2 of livable space after taking off the technical space.

The home’s exterior is made with Siberian larch, perfectly matching the natural wood interior.

Inside, the floors and staircase are both made from white-oiled natural wood. And the kitchen cabinets can be made to match the floor, or you can opt for a birch veneer.

Aside from the abundant natural wood, this model boasts stunning design elements, including optional brass details in the kitchen and a bright and relaxing bathroom design.

Model: Luonnonpuu

Size: 409 sq ft (39 m2)

Price: $168,403 USD (157.900 Euros)

Tiny Houses From My Tiny


The Pärlans tiny house is made with high-quality materials and equipped with top-of-the-line appliances.

The surface treatment is done with organic linseed oil, which helps to create a healthy and allergy-free environment.

Oras high-quality water taps and copper pipes are installed in the kitchen and bathroom.

The kitchen has an electric water heater that can hold up to 50 liters, while the bathroom has a composting toilet (Separett Villa 9000) and a glass shower cubicle.

The kitchen also features an installed gas stove with two burners, an IKEA TILLREDA refrigerator, and IKEA BOHOLMEN built-in stainless steel sink.

Model: Pärlans

Size: 226 sq ft (21 m2)

Price: $47,898 USD (44.900 Euros)

Can You Rent Tiny Houses in Finland?

Yes, it’s possible to rent a tiny house in Finland!

The best way to search for tiny rental houses in Finland is through the online marketplace

Search terms like tiny house, pieni talo, or pieni talo pyörillä will yield great results.

Tiny homes are becoming increasingly popular with Finns and expats living in Finland, particularly in major cities like Helsinki. 

So if you’re looking for an affordable housing option with a unique twist, renting a tiny home is the way to go!

Renting a tiny house is also an excellent way to try before you buy if you’re considering investing in one. 

Can You Get a Tiny House Mortgage Finland?

Yes, you can get a mortgage for a tiny house in Finland!

Nordea is the leading bank offering mortgages specifically for tiny homes. Many people also look into, an online tool that compares various loan and mortgage options in Finland.

Your credit score, down payment, and assets are important when you apply for a tiny house mortgage.

Do your research to ensure your chosen loan or mortgage is the best for your current lifestyle and financial situation.

Can I build a tiny house in Finland?

Yes, you can build a tiny house in Finland!

Just be sure to do your research on local building laws and regulations.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the climate and buy materials to withstand Finland’s weather.

You can find resources online for building a tiny house in Finland. And get inspiration from tiny house tours on YouTube channels like our very own Tiny Living Scandinavia channel!

Do you need to own land to get a tiny home in Finland?

No, you don’t need to own land to get a tiny home in Finland.

Renting land for your tiny house is relatively straightforward.

But you do need an agreement with the land owner and an understanding of local regulations and laws.

Is a tiny house cheaper than a regular house in Finland?

Generally speaking, the cost of buying a tiny house in Finland is much cheaper than buying a traditional-sized house.

While you can spend more money on custom designs and higher-quality materials, the overall cost can still be significantly lower with a tiny home.

You’ll also save on energy costs since your tiny home requires less heating and cooling. Plus, you’ll have a smaller space to clean, which saves a lot of time and money.

However, it’s important to remember that a tiny home will not gain value like a traditional house does. So if you’re looking for an investment opportunity, it’s worth considering other options. 

What are the laws for living in a tiny house in Finland?

The laws in Finland do make tiny living possible.

The Finnish Environment Ministry regulations determine that the minimum space for a single-person dwelling should be no less than 20 square meters.

This willingness to adopt small living spaces does make it much easier to build a tiny house within legal parameters.

If you want to make your tiny Finnish house a reality, you will need to delve into the specific building permit rules and regulations.

What if I buy a tiny house in Finland then I hate it?

It’s understandable to have doubts when considering investing in a tiny house.

Why not test out the experience first? Try booking an overnight stay at a tiny home rental in Finland and see if it’s the lifestyle for you.

If it turns out that tiny living isn’t your cup of tea, don’t worry – selling your tiny house is always an option.

Alternatively, you could rent it out as a long-term rental or use it as a short-term Airbnb.

What’s it like to live in Finland?

Living in Finland is a unique experience!

In addition to its stunning landscapes and vibrant cities, you can look forward to long summer days, cozy winter nights, and an overall laid-back lifestyle.

Finland has also been named one of the happiest countries in the world. It’s known for its strong commitment to education and social welfare and its high quality of life.

If you’re considering living in Finland, you’ll be glad to know that the country is also very welcoming to foreigners.

The Finnish language is known for being one of the most difficult to learn, but you’ll find that most people in Finland can speak English.

Living tiny can be a great way to reduce your expenses and get the most out of your time in Finland.

What if I decide to move from Finland?

If you decide to move from Finland, it’s easy to hitch up your tiny home and take it anywhere in the world with you!

But before you start packing up your home, check the tiny house laws of the country you’re planning on moving to. 

It could work out better to sell your tiny home in Finland if your next planned country isn’t keen on tiny homes.

Also, if you have a mortgage on your tiny home, remember that you can NOT take the house out of the country if it’s still under loan or mortgage terms.

However, once you’ve paid off your loan, taking your tiny home with you is a great way to experience new places and cultures without having to find a new home every time you move.


Can you build a cabin in Finland?

Yes, you can build a cabin in Finland. Before starting your project, you’ll need to know the local building laws and regulations.

What is the best location for a tiny house?

The best location for a tiny house depends on your lifestyle and needs. If you’re working in a city like Helsinki, you’ll want to find a spot just outside the city. Or you might prefer to be off the grid in nature.

Can a US citizen buy a house in Finland?

Yes, US citizens can buy a house in Finland. However, you’ll need to ensure that your visa and residency permits are up to date.

Can I move to Finland from the USA?

Relocating to Finland from the USA is possible! However, moving to any European country requires a valid passport and residency permit.

Can you permanently live in a tiny house in Finland?

Summer cabins are common in Finland, but there need to be more clear rules on year-round tiny living. Many people do live full-time in tiny houses in Finland.

Wrap Up: How to get a tiny house in Finland 

Living in a tiny house in Finland is achievable.

You can find readymade plans or start from scratch with our resources. 

You can always rent or sell it if it’s not for you.

So grab your tiny house keys and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime with tiny living in the Nordics!

Keep Living Tiny xx



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