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How to Know if a Tiny House is For You!

by | Jan 1, 2023 | Featured, Tiny Houses | 0 comments

Have you binge-watched shows like Tiny House Nation and religiously watched every new episode of Living Big in a Tiny House? But you’re still wondering how to know if a tiny house is for you?

Fear not! Because today we’re going to help you figure out the answer once and for all!

Like every lifestyle, tiny living is NOT for everyone.

It’s important not to get blinded by the cute, functional, and dreamy tiny homes all over Instagram and YouTube. 

Some people go into tiny living knowing that it’s for life. Others find it a great way to save money for a few years for a down payment for a traditional home, and the rest – just love a tiny vacation. 

Without further ago, let’s run through our top five signs you’re made for living tiny!

You’re a Minimalist by Nature

Do you tend to own a lot of things? Or are you generally happy with just the basics? 

You don’t need to live out of a backpack or even dislike shopping to live tiny. But it is essential to know that downsizing your belongings and not having the room to buy new things won’t spark sadness.

You Travel Light

Minimalist suitcase

How much luggage do you bring when it’s time to head off on vacation? Are you most likely to need an extra suitcase, or do you only go for hand luggage? 

If you can head off for a week or two with just hand luggage, that’s a great sign. Being able to make a capsule wardrobe work is ideal for tiny living. 

Can’t imagine a long weekend with anything less than a few outfit changes per day? I’d consider downsizing your wardrobe BEFORE leaping into tiny living. 

It’s possible to downsize a wardrobe and love it even more than before, but going cold turkey can be tough, so be patient with yourself.

You’ve Stayed in Tiny Spaces Before

tiny treehouse

If the idea of having fold-away furniture and multi-purpose gadgets fills your heart with joy, that’s a great sign! 

With tiny living, it’s essential to make the most out of all available space. So don’t be surprised if your kitchen counter doubles as a laundry-folding zone or if your living room doubles as a yoga zone. 

Staying in a tiny home, houseboat, treehouse, or RV for AT LEAST a week is a great test to see whether you thrive or despise a small living space.

Top Tip – We suggest trying out life in a tiny house before buying, but if that’s not in the budget, then at least read a lot of tiny house books!

You and Your Partner do Well in Close Quarters

how to know if a tiny house is for you

For some couples, being in a tiny house or a castle makes little difference to their relationship dynamic. But for others – the idea of being in such close quarters can be nightmare-inducing. 

Living in a tiny house in Scandinavia – or a similar climate, also means you need to consider how tiny living in winter differs from summer and means more time indoors.

The good news is that finding alone time or personal space in a tiny home is more doable than you might think.

When you have a tiny house with a loft, you essentially have two separate rooms – which works a treat. 

One of the best ways to deal with needing personal space or time to yourself when living tiny is communication. 

It’s easy to worry that the other person will take it the wrong way, but just talk about it, and remember to be honest and kind.

You Feel it in Your Gut 

What’s your gut reaction to the idea of living tiny for months and months or years and years? 

Are you jumping up and down with excitement? Does it fill you with dread? Is your partner way more into it than you are? 

Is there a different lifestyle that interests you more? For the nomadic soul, would vanlife be better than living in a tiny house? 

You know yourself better than anyone else, so listen to that little voice. But remember – it’s easy to mistake the feeling of excitement for the feeling of nervousness.

So before you make a snap decision you might regret; take your time, try it out, and test if tiny living is right for you!

Wrap-Up – How to know if a tiny house is for you

Living in a tiny house on wheels is a dream for some and a nightmare for others.

Being a minimalist makes it far easier to move from a traditional home to a tiny house.

Capsule wardrobes are a must-have when you live small.

Trying out the lifestyle before buying a tiny house on wheels is a great idea.

Not all relationships do well in such close quarters; make sure you and your partner are on the same page before leaping into a tiny lifestyle.

And finally, listen to your instincts.

If this is something you’ve wanted to do for years and years, chances are that tiny living could be a good fit for you!

Keep Living Tiny xx



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