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Explore the Best of Scandinavian Inspired Tiny Living!

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The quality of Scandinavian design is known across the globe, and the same certainly rings true when it comes to how Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish companies design and build these stunning Scandi-Inspired Tiny Homes. 

Today, we’re going to highlight one of our favorite Tiny Home Builders in Scandinavia and take a look at some of their most popular homes.

Tiny house on wheels in the Norwegian countryside.

Norske Mikrohus

The epitome of high quality in terms of materials and design, Norske Mikrohus crafts each home from the ground up at their workshop on the outskirts of Oslo. 

Most often taking on custom-build projects, working with the owner to build homes to their exact specifications. On occasion, they also have fully complete and ready-to-go homes available to purchase. 

Founded by David and Jeanette Reiss Andersen, this Husband and Wife duo have worked together to build a Tiny Home company renowned for their attention to detail across the world.

The Tiny Home – Heim 

One of the most popular models from Norske Mikrohus is the quaint and spacious Heim. Just shy of 20 square meters, the Heims floorplan has been carefully considered to provide a light, welcoming, and homely atmosphere. 

Interior view of the living room and kitchen in a Norwegian tiny house

Living Room

Step through the inviting french doors, and you’ll arrive in the living room, to your left, a stylish yet cozy couch that doubles as a guest bed with hidden storage and a built-in “coffee table” hard surfaces on both sides. 

Two ladies chatting in a Norwegian tiny house kitchen and dining area.

Office/Dining Area

The handy and durable folding table provides you with the ability to transform an open wall into a multi-purpose space perfect for work or dining. 

Inside of a tiny house in Norway, showing the dining area, kitchen, and stairs leading up to the bedroom loft


Wander into the kitchen, and you’ll be met with the immediate urge to bake something; this is just one of those kitchens where you immediately feel at home. 

With a full-sized fridge with mini freezer compartment, pantry, full-size oven, a spacious sink, two or four burner stove, and optional dishwasher – this kitchen leaves nothing to the imagination!

The bathroom inside of a tiny house, showing a tiled shower and sink with bathroom cabinet.


At the end of the kitchen, through the doorway, you’ll find yourself in the family bathroom, featuring a sink with plenty of storage underneath directly in front of you, a large shower (with enough room to fit a portable bathtub if that’s a priority for you) to your left, and a Cinderella incinerating toilet, space for your own washing machine, and heaps of storage space above to your right.

Tiny house loft bedroom in Norway

Sleeping Loft

Make your way back through the kitchen and head upstairs to the sleeping loft, with enough room for a super king mattress (if you’re not into bedside tables!) or a King Size bed with slimline bedside storage. 

The sleeping loft is designed with a flatter gable roof for added headroom and is the perfect height for sitting up in bed to read or watch TV. A built-in bookcase provides a little privacy (perfect if you plan on having guests over) but without affecting airflow.

Final Thoughts

The Norske Mikrohus is more than just a house on wheels; this is a home that’s made to last, designed to make memories in, and built to stand up to the harsh winters and scorching summers of Scandinavia. 

It’s no surprise that Norske Mikrohus are having such incredible success, and a little birdie even told us that they’d be launching some new models in the near future. Watch this space for a tour of their latest designs!

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