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Say Hello To The Swedish Tiny House Builder

by | Feb 15, 2022 | Featured, Must Read, Tiny Houses | 0 comments

This Swedish Tiny home firm certainly knows a thing or two about designing functional homes with that “hygge” factor. 

Based in Uppsala, Sweden, Vagabond Haven have their manufacturing facilities located in Poland. They often ship their tiny creations around Scandinavia – with happy homeowners spread across Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. 

Today, we’re going to take a look at one of their most popular models; this 21 square meter home is perfect for couples looking to step into the tiny movement.

Living Room

Snuggle up in the living room that benefits from the added coziness created by the storage loft!

With more than enough room for a couch that folds out to become a guest bed, a TV stand, and for the gamers – plenty of room for games consoles.


The built-in workbench is one of our favorite features in this rustic cabin on wheels. With space for two people to comfortably work from home, and did we mention that it also doubles as your dining table?! Talk about space-saving!


Counter space for days is a good way to describe the Sunshine kitchen! Thanks to the foldable workspace that bumps up against the kitchen counter – it can act as extra counter space for those more intensive baking projects.

With multiple options for customizing your kitchen, a popular choice includes a spacious sink, four-burner electric stove, and full-sized refrigerator. 

With cupboards galore and storage stairs in the kitchen – you’ll likely find that you end up using the storage stairs for non-kitchen-related items. This could be a great spot to put your wardrobe!


Choose from a traditional (sewer-connected), composting, or incinerating toilet in the bathroom. The bathroom has a full-size shower, sink, storage cabinets, and shelving.

While many tiny homes can store their water heaters in the already limited storage space, in the Sunshine, Vagabond Haven has opted out of wasting any room by attaching it to the bathroom wall. 

Sleeping Loft

Every part of the Sunshine is fully customizable, and that includes the sleeping loft. 

Decide what’s more important to you, bed space or wardrobe space – and Vagabond Haven can make your sleeping loft dreams come true. 

With entirely open lofts or lofts with built-in wall-to-wall wardrobes!

Storage Loft

While many tiny living aficionados consider themselves minimalists, having additional storage space is always a good idea – after all, where are you going to store your Christmas decorations and wet suits?! 

With two sizes to choose from in reinforced weight-bearing storage lofts.

Final Thoughts

When looking at the Sunshine, one thing is for sure; this is a home that, as Marie Kondo would say, “Sparks joy.” 

One thing to take into consideration is that as it’s built-in Poland – it cannot easily be financed with a “Tiny House Mortgage” from Norwegian customers – the only exception would be if you have equity that you could use as security for the loan.

Keep Living Tiny xx



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