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The Best Storage Solutions for Tiny Houses

by | Feb 15, 2022 | Tiny Houses | 0 comments

When you decide to live tiny, it’s important to maximize the space that’s available to you. But that doesn’t mean that you have to fill your home with hideous storage solutions. 

Instead, today we’re going to take a look at some of our favorite hidden storage that can not only make the most out of the square footage of your tiny home but elevate the aesthetic all at the same time!

Vanlifer lady sat on the bed of her van rig with a guitar beside her, with the back doors open behind her.

It’s in The Cushions!

One of our fave travel photographers and vanlifers – Christian Schaffer, has a genius hack for storing your sleeping bags, and that’s to store them inside cushion covers to double as your couch cushions!

An open storage ottoman with a couple of storage tubs and a pair of slippers inside.

Coffee Table, Meets Ottoman, Meets Storage Box!

A triple threat! Utilizing an upholstered ottoman or footstool is so convenient, not only as a footstool and an extra seat when you have guests over. 

But it’s easy to pop a small tray on there to use it as a coffee table, and makes for the perfect board games storage space.

A tiny home storage loft above the couch area. With two shelves, one shelf with storage boxes, and the other used as a bookcase - with a ladder to access.

Storage Loft

If you’re lucky enough to be building your home from scratch, consider the supports you’ll need to add a thin storage loft for things like Xmas decorations or storing off-season clothes and camping gear.

Storage couch designed for a tiny house on wheels, with built in storage drawers for shoes and outdoor accessories.

Couch With Storage

A couch that features tonnes of hidden storage can be a huge bonus, just look at how much you can store! 

Having said that, if you plan on having guests over – consider whether a sofa bed might be a better option for you.

Split-level living room in a Norwegian tiny house, with the lower level consisting of storage and a reading nook, and the upper level designed to be the main living room area which is accessed by a small storage staircase.

Elevated Living Room With Underfloor Storage

Most people tend to just hang out on the couch when they’re in their living room, so this can be a great area to elevate. 

Not only will you not miss the headroom, but the amount of storage space you gain underneath is jaw-dropping. 

What Are Your Storage Hacks?

Now we want to hear from you; comment below with your favorite tiny living storage solutions!

Keep Living Tiny xx




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