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Top 5 Greatest Vintage Vanlife Inspiration

by | Jul 19, 2022 | Popular, Van Life | 0 comments

Are you hoping to hit the road on your very own vanlife journey? Have you been swooning over the Instagram and Pinterest pics of vintage vanlife rigs that look as dreamy as the lifestyle you want to live?

Well then, maybe a vintage vanlife setup could be the perfect rig for your upcoming adventure – but before you make that decision, here are my top 5 vintage vanlifers to check out on Instagram and TikTok.

They’re great at sharing the highs and lows of vanlife in a classic vehicle and let you know exactly what you’ll be getting yourself in for if you choose the vintage vanlife route. 

But who am I to talk? Hey! I’m Nadia, and I traveled the world full-time in my 1969 VW Adventurewagen named Red and took the path less traveled while having my fair share (and then some!) of breakdowns – but enough about me, let’s check out some vintage vanlife vehicles!

1. The Andrea Nicole King

Andrea Nicole King’s account is a feast for the eyes, with vintage vibes and pastel aesthetics at every turn.

Lady dressed in pink stood outside of her pink vanlife rig.
Source: Instagram @theandreanicoleking

Andrea has done an incredible job of designing her home on wheels to match her fabulous fashion sense.

Lady dressed in pink sat on bed inside of her pink vanlife rig.
Source: Instagram @theandreanicoleking

With a timeless and fun color scheme that screams joy and fun at every door handle and cushion cover!

2. The Two Bohemians

A man and a woman sat outside of their VW camper with solar panels.

Luke and Tyler are a down-to-earth couple with an adorable VW vanlife rig. With a high-top for comfortable standing room and storage galore inside.

A couple sat kissing at the back of their van, with the backdoor open.
Source: Instagram @thetwobohemians

This perfectly simple home has everything you need to live a life of adventure, which is exactly what these two bohemians are doing so well!

3. This Is Tyana

A lady sat on the floor in the engine bay of her VW bus.
Source: Instagram @Hippiesnap

One of the most likable vanlifers out there, Tyana shares content from her rad VW bus with a healthy dose of humor and honesty about the highs and lows of vintage vanlife!

VW bus with surfboard propped up on it.
Source: Instagram @Hippiesnap

Tyana and her husband are full-time vanlifers and call their forest green VW bus home, but the nature vibes aren’t limited to this rig’s paint color – the interior of this green gem features glorious wood paneling – it’s giving tree house vibes!

4. Somewhere Wilder

A couple stand beside their land rover defender in the dessert.
Source: Instagram @somewherewilder

Frida and Leo’s Defender 110 is what digital nomad dreams are made of – the ultimate adventure-mobile, complete with snorkel, roof tent, and two fluffy canine companions to boot. 

A couple stand beside their green land rover defender with roof tent open and ladder.
Source: Instagram @somewherewilder

This adventurous paid post content of a life lived to the max, thriving in the great outdoors and loving every minute of it.

5. Tiny House Tiny Footprint

A couple and their dog sit in the doorway of their VW vanlife bus.
Source: Instagram @tinyhousetinyfootprint

Last but by no means least… Kathleen is a born storyteller, one of the rad vanlife experts who wrote the book Vanlife Diaries, and dog mom to Peaches.

A lady and her dog stand at the back of their vanlife rig.
Source: Instagram @tinyhousetinyfootprint

Her Toyota setup is by far one of the cutest vintage vanlife setups we’ve seen, providing everything you need for a fully functioning vanlife rig but in a far more convenient vehicle size

Final Thoughts

Traveling and living in a classic van or bus is not for the faint of heart and does require some knowledge (or commitment to learn) because let’s be honest – you’re going to break down.

Not only that, but depending on the age of your vehicle – a traditional mechanic may have no clue how to fix it, let alone the right parts in stock!

Having said that, there really is something magical about bumbling down the road in your kind of loud and kind of bouncy bus – going slower than the other cars can give you the time you deserve to experience each day fully. 

And I have to say… in a vintage rig; you’ll find that everyone wants to stop and talk to you, making every day more memorable and bringing more adventure into your life!

Keep Living Tiny xx


P.S if you’re mechanically inclined, buying a vintage vehicle can be far more affordable, and if you’re anything like me and trying to spend as little as possible while saving as much as possible so that you can retire early– this really can be far more achievable than saving up for a brand new Sprinter with all the bells and whistles



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