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What’s a Studio Apartment? The Easy TL;DR

by | Jan 12, 2023 | Popular, Tiny Houses | 0 comments

A studio apartment is the multi-tool of living spaces! 

That sounds nice, but if you’re still left wondering what’s a studio apartment – let’s break it down!

It’s an all-in-one apartment that combines almost the entire home into one. 


With the kitchen, bedroom, and living room turned all existing in one compact and efficient zone. 

The only separate room you’ll find in a studio is the bathroom, although sometimes, studio apartments don’t have a private bathroom and only have access to a shared bathroom in the building.

Studio apartments can be the perfect option for those looking to simplify their lives, downsize their living space, and focus on the adventure of life!

How is it Different Than a 1-Bedroom Apartment?

A studio apartment differs from a one-bedroom apartment in one key way – there’s no separate bedroom in a studio apartment. 

In a studio, the sleeping area is within the one main room of the home. However, many studio dwellers have found unique and creative solutions to create a divide within the different zones of the apartment.

This includes separating the living room and bedroom zones with strategically placed bookcases, or by building a murphy bed that can be folded out of the way during the day!

Is a Studio Apartment Small?

Traditionally studio apartments are the most compact kind of apartment you’ll find – but the term studio doesn’t actually relate to size, and you might stumble upon the occasional gigantic loft studio apartment!

However, the majority of studio apartments are small. 

But remember, bigger isn’t always better, and these efficient little apartments can boast more charm than a multi-bedroom unit.

Pros of a Studio Apartment

If you’re considering moving to a studio apartment but wondering if it’s right for you, well, let me tell you – there are some pretty amazing aspects of living tiny! 

Let’s run through some of the biggest pros:

Save Money

The biggest and most obvious – living in a studio apartment usually means significant savings! Whether buying or renting, studio apartments are one of the most affordable private living spaces.

Less to Clean Up

Less space means less time cleaning, and let’s be honest – nobody enjoys cleaning. Maintaining an organized and clutter-free studio is far easier than a multi-storey home!

Live in Better Locations

Prioritizing your location is far more possible when you opt for a studio!

Have you ever wanted to live in Manhattan or downtown LA but the rental prices keep that from happening? 

Opting for a studio instead of a two-bedroom could finally be your way to make it happen.

Living in an area with so much going on can make the effects of living in a smaller space less noticeable, because why would you spend all your time at home when you could be out and about exploring your new area?! 

Defeat Lifestyle Creep

Steer clear of the lifestyle creep that so many people get. 

You know what I’m talking about – when you buy things you don’t need to fill up a home that’s far too big for you. 

Keeping your home and life clutter-free and spending money on experiences over things is a real game changer to your happiness and mental health!

Cons of a Studio Apartment

But before you get carried away with all of those fabulous benefits, as with every lifestyle, there are also cons to consider.

Here are some of the biggest cons:

Lack of Privacy

Living together in a tiny living setup does not work for all couples, and having only one room can be especially challenging if you both work from home and have to juggle meetings all day.

No Room for Guests

Want to invite your best friend to come and stay? Well, they’d better be happy on the floor or the couch – because nobody gets a private room now!

Not Ideal for Families

Families with older kids can struggle with not only a lack of privacy but a lack of storage.

Limited Storage Space

If you’re not yet a minimalist, you’d better become one if you plan on living in a studio.

In-Unit Laundry

Last, but not least, it’s not always guaranteed that you’ll have in-unit laundry facilities in a studio apartment. 

Sometimes there will be laundry in the building, but other times you’ll have to lug your laundry to the nearest laundromat.

What Does a Studio Apartment Look Like?

Many hear studio apartment and think it’ll be run down or look like student accommodation. 

But with smaller living spaces becoming more popular – you can now find quie a few studio apartments that look more like a luxury hotel suite with bathtub and all!

Storage for a Studio Apartment

Finding smart storage solutions for studios has never been easier!

Thanks to the rise in tiny and alternative living, many companies now sell storage solutions specific to tiny living spaces. 

However, one of my favorite ways to find smart storage for studios is thrifting at the local vintage stores and swap meets. 

I honestly don’t know if vintage furniture is smaller and more effectively designed or if I’ve just been lucky with what I’ve found!

How Studio Apartments are Sustainable

When you live in a studio apartment, you’re forced to be far more of a considerate consumer. 

You can’t buy whatever strikes your fancy, because – well, there’s nowhere to put it.

Another environmentally friendly benefit of living in a studio apartment is the fact that you’ll use less energy on heating and cooling your home.


Is a studio apartment cheap?

Generally speaking, studio apartments are far cheaper to buy or rent when compared to any other form of brick-and-mortar real estate. 

Living in a tiny home on wheels or a vanlife rig are two alternatives that can be cheaper, but tiny homes can be impossible for city living and vanlife is tougher if you need to be based in one spot.

How can I find a studio apartment to rent?

The internet is your friend for finding a studio apartment to rent!

Here are a few quick tips to help get you started:

  • Check out rental sites like Zillow or, and set the filter to studio!
  • Go old school and look for listings in your local newspaper.
  • Call local real estate agencies and let them know what you’re looking for.  

Can couples live in studio apartments?

This depends entirely on what kind of couple you are. 

Have you guys lived together in a tiny house? Or done full-time vanlife?

If not – I recommend trying it out before you rent or buy anything.

Renting a small space for a week on Airbnb is a great way to try out living together in a tiny living space.

Can you live in a studio apartment with kids?

Yes, however, it depends on what kind of lifestyle your family wants.

Some vanlife families live in a home on wheels with their kids while traveling the world, and they’re living their absolute best lives.

Living in a studio apartment as a family can be a great way to teach your kids to be happy having what they need and not everything they want.

The money saved living in a small studio can also give you much greater financial freedom and allow you to focus on making memories with your kids rather than working all the time.

Wrap-Up – TL;DR What’s a Studio Apartment?

Studio apartments are smart and efficiently designed living spaces.

Unlike one-bedroom apartments, they’re an all-in-one deal with everything but the bathroom combined in one single room.

What they lack in space, they make up for in charm.

Some of the biggest pros are that you save money, have less space to clean, can live in a better location, and it helps to avoid lifestyle creep.

There are also downsides, including a lack of privacy, not much room for guests or family, limited storage, and laundry challenges!

Studio designs can range from simple to more reminiscent of a luxury hotel suite.

There are countless storage solutions for studio spaces.

And living in a studio is one of the most sustainable brick-and-mortar real estate options!

Keep Living Tiny xx



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